God shows up … at unexpected times!

It wasn’t that I was worried about my life that first day in the hospital … but I was confused, wondering what I had done wrong to get to this place.  And wearing a belly bag? An overwhelming thought.

People came and went throughout the day, giving, loving and praying.  I moped.  Hadn’t I followed a raw diet at least most of the time? Hadn’t I kept my body in minimally above average good condition, through alkaline water and walking? Didn’t I normally refuse sugar drinks, processed foods, refined flours, donuts, red meat almost all times when the choice was in my hands?  Hadn’t I used for decades the best supplements on the planet? Hadn’t I diligently sought God for two weeks before today for healing?  What happened?  Going thru the motions of thanking people for their visits and prayers, I was anything but communicative.

And then it was that God showed up.  Not to heal me instantly.  Not to let me wake up and find this was all a bad dream.  But there in the midst of life.  At home preparing for her vacation the next day, the surgeon called at 8pm.  “I have an idea,” she said.  “We could do a cecostomy, drain your colon naturally, and hopefully avoid the need for a colostomy when we remove the tumor in a few days.” later.”  In my enthusiastic agreement I sensed the beginning of God intervening on my behalf. Barely a minute later, just moments before Transport came to take me to OR, Carol arrived, telling me God prompted her to come, and what should she read? Psalm 103 was a favorite psalm since my youth, much of it memorized, but I had never heard healing in this psalm because I had never been sick.  As she read, peace settled over my heart in a way I could never have imagined were it not for those doubts leading up to that moment.  Waiting patiently at the door while we prayed together, the young Filipino employee recognized us as Christ followers. Upon entering the elevator he burst into song, leading us with hymns we all loved and now I knew I was in the presence of angels.  Arriving at the OR entrance was dear brother and surgeon friend Lynn, also waiting to read hope and healing to me from Psalm 121.

That pathway –  what a sanctuary for the presence of God, powerful and personal!  Being wheeled thru the OR doorway, I wondered why the medical people needed to tell me what would happen.  Never in my life had I felt so deeply held up by the hands of God Himself.  It didn’t matter what man might do; He was sovereign and in control.  Not just from the beginning of time over all creation, but this moment, June 16, carrying me personally and lovingly into this sterile room of monitors, white coats and scrubs.  He alone knew my future … tonight, and the days to follow.  When has God shown up for you at the most unexpected times?


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4 thoughts on “God shows up … at unexpected times!

  1. I hadn’t known the details of the medical side of your illness but what you wrote was so inspiring how God worked, especially the part about the cecostomy. My Dad had a colostomy at the end of his life and it was very difficult! You have a gift of writing! Thank you for writing your blog!

    • Thank you for the kind words! And Yes, you’re so right, what an indescribable blessing that phone call was.