Surprises in all shapes, colors, sizes

“Here I was, a 38 year old man, father of 5, happy husband, staying fit … and they told me I had stage 3 colorectal cancer.  WHAT? How does that happen?”

Helen Bairstow (Happy Gerson) said “You know those moments in time that change your life? I had a MAJOR one in November 2010 when I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer (yep that’s the terminal one!). … after a life long interest in health and healing, always questioning, researching and testing new ways…”

Lynn Ford (God and Gerson Therapy) testified the conversation with her urologist after 3 months of advanced major treatment for her bladder cancer, instead of healing, had resulted in significant spreading of the disease, was the scariest conversation she ever had in her life. 

Martha annette steve hannahNever having so much as spent a night in a hospital (except tonsillitis at age 5), while prepping myself that day in June for the reality I was going to be confined to this high tech bed for a period of undetermined length, I could only shake my head, wondering whatever had I done wrong to land me in this place. With the surgeon unable to get the tv in my room to show me the results of the CT scan, I could only imagine her conversations taking place in the nursing station where she discussed with Bob (my husband) and John (colleague and prayer warrior) why an emergency colostomy was the answer to remove the malignancies that were filling my colon..

I will always remember the expression on Bill’s face, as he shared with me his story of ongoing physical challenges with which he had lived for 15 years.  At that time under multiple forms of tests to determine the cause of the current symptoms that were sapping his energy and keeping him awake at night, he said nervously, “I just wonder if they’re going to give me the big C word.”  For it seemed that was the only thing possibly left that had not been discussed.  Attempting to prepare his mind emotionally so he would not have to be surprised, the quizzical expression in his eyes belied his biggest worry.

What follows is the story of one person’s journey through those surprises and shocks, the answers and the questions, the challenges and the victories, reflections and prayers.  I hope we can journey together.  I would love to hear from you those surprises that have been most impactful on your life.  And share joy together in those serendipity moments of insight and resolution.  What has been a moment of completely unexpected surprise for you?



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